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Our Story

Petsmore is a leading pet retail chain store that has grown from a small pet shop in Kuala Lumpur in 1988.

In Chinese, "Petsmore" sounds like "duo duo," which means "more and more." This reflects the company's sincere commitment to providing more love to pets and their owners.


Currently, Petsmore operates 17 outlets in Klang Valley, providing a wide range of pet supplies and services. Petsmore is not satisfied with the status quo and is determined to continuously expand its branches, with the aim of becoming the first choice of pet retail store in Malaysia.


Petsmore is dedicated to providing complete services and facilities to meet all of a pet owner's needs. In addition to offering pet supplies, the company provides a wide range of services, including grooming, pet SPA , pet boarding, pet swimming pool facilities, and playgrounds.

Grooming: Petsmore offers professional grooming services, including haircuts, baths, and nail trims. The company employs experienced groomers who are trained to work with pets of all breeds and sizes.


Boarding : Petsmore provides boarding services for pets, allowing owners to leave their pets in a safe and comfortable environment while they're away.


Swimming pool: Selected Petsmore outlet has swimming facilities where pets can enjoy a refreshing swim. This is a great way to keep pets active and healthy, especially during the hot season months.


Playground: Selected Petsmore outlets has a playground where pets can play and interact with other pets in a safe and controlled environment. This is a great way to socialize pets and improve their overall well-being.


Petsmore has developed a loyalty program called the LoveMore membership program. This program is designed to spread the love to every corner and deliver happiness into every family. The LoveMore membership program rewards customers for their continued patronage with discounted price and cash value of vouchers given. Members could earn points with every purchase they make. These points can be redeemed for selected products during the member months. 


To make shopping more convenient for its customers, Petsmore has developed a mobile app that allows customers to place orders from their smartphones. With the app, customers can browse products, place orders, and track their purchases, all from the convenience of their mobile device.


In addition, customers who use the app can enjoy the same benefits as those who shop at the physical store, including access to the LoveMore membership program and special promotions. The app is designed to make shopping for pet supplies more convenient than ever before, providing customers with a seamless shopping experience.


Petsmore is a pet retail chain store that is dedicated to providing more love to pets and their owners. With complete services and facilities, the LoveMore membership program, and a mobile app, Petsmore is committed to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products to its customers. As the company continues to expand its branches throughout Malaysia, it aims to become the first choice of pet retail store in the country, providing pet owners with everything they need to care for them.